Certified WPF Specialist

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the latest generation platform for creating rich user interfaces (UIs) with the Microsoft .NET Framework. Using WPF, developers and designers can easily create programs that are dynamic, data-driven and visually appealing. This course will provide skills to learners the program applications that integrate the major components of WPF. This also provide learning to target WPF applications for multiple platforms with Silverlight.
Brief Contents

  • Develop understanding of WPF applicationsimage_09
  • Understand different types of WPF applications
  • WPF core controls & layout manager controls
  • Understand the role of WPF control commands
  • Working with the WPF document APIs
  • Understand WPF’s graphical rendering services
  • Work with resources in WPF Applications
  • Learn how to define and apply WPF styles
  • Working with WPF’s animation services
  • Understand the WPF data binding mechanism
  • Working with data binding in WPF applications
  • Bind to custom objects
  • WPF Templates and User Controls
  • Learn to build custom control templates
  • Build templates which make use of triggers
  • Know your choices for control customization
  • Understand navigation applications (XBAP)
  • Work with the Navigation Window & Page types
  • Manage the history journal
  • Creating XBAP applications
  • Examine XBAP security issues
  • Crafting Cross-Platform Silverlight applications
  • Integrating Silverlight with ASP.NET
  • Invoking JavaScript functions from Silverlight
  • Calling Silverlight functions from JavaScript


Course Project
Participants of the course will develop a commercial level demo project using WPF and Microsoft .NET 4.0 with the help of our trainer.

  • Certificate of Participation by ESOL
  • MCTS : Windows Presentation Foundation

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