Certified SQL Server Specialist

SQL Server 2008 offers a robust architecture for enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence. This course provides the knowledge and practical skills needed to maximize the benefits of SQL Server 2008. This provides a solid ground on which to establish core SQL Server development and managerial skills, including creating databases, generating Transact-SQL statements, implementing security and reporting services.
After this course student will be able to:

  • Install & Configure SQL Server 2008image_09
  • Understand Database Concepts & Normalization
  • Create and Manage Databases, Transaction Logs & Database Snapshots
  • Create Tables, Views, Stored Procedure & Functions
  • Implement Constraints, Triggers, Indexes & User Defined Data Types
  • Write Transact-SQL Statements for Retrieving and Manipulating Data
  • Implement login and database security and manage permissions
  • Manage Complex Multi-Step Jobs with SQL Server Agent
  • Design Transactions that Maximize Concurrency and Minimize Contention
  • Manage XML Data & Implement HTTP End-Point
  • Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Maintain Databases (Backup, Restore & Replication)
  • Analyze and Cure Performance Problems using SQL Server’s Tools


Brief Contents

  • Overview of SQL Server & Tools
  • Installing & Configuring SQL Server
  • Database Concepts & Theory
  • Understanding Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Designing & Implementing Databases
  • Retrieving & Manipulating Data using T-SQL
  • Creating UDTs, Functions & Triggers
  • Implementing Indices & Full-Text search
  • Managing XML data in SQL Server
  • Implementing HTTP Endpoints
  • Implementing Service Broker Components
  • Configuring SQL Server Security
  • Configuring Linked Servers
  • Implementing Database Mirroring & Log Shipping
  • Managing Database Snapshots Implementing & Maintaining SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • Managing Backup & Restoration of Databases
  • Planning & Implementing Replication of Data
  • Performance Tuning & Monitoring
  • SQL Server Reporting Services


Course Project
This will enhance the capability of the learner to develop commercial level distributed database. In addition to this it will also help to plan & implement its replication on multiple servers as well as backup & restoration of the database.


  • ESOL Certified SQL Server Professional
  • MCITP: Database Developer SQL Server 2008
  • MCITP: Database Administrator SQL Server 2008
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