Certified Graphic Designer Specialist

This course is designed to develop a strong foundation of the students for developing powerful visual communications. Students will learn to develop design concepts, drawing and design techniques and application of software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Aftereffects, Celtix and Anime Studio Pro in creating corporate identity, websites, posters, catalogs, 2D animations etc. The course will take the students through a proper workflow and explain steps involved in developing a 2D animation movie.
Brief Contents

  • Essentials of graphics, design and color theoryimage_09
  • Working with illustrator documents
  • Drawing and transforming objects
  • Managing color and transparency
  • Typography and using type in illustrator
  • Controlling effects, appearances and graphic style
  • Building graphic objects and working with images
  • Preparing graphics for web or screen display
  • Photoshop intro, working with selectors and layers
  • Using masks and channels
  • Working with type and vector tools
  • Adjusting and processing photographs
  • Retouching and manipulating images
  • Working in Adobe Camera Raw
  • Painting and filtering an image
  • Outputting for Print media and the web
  • Introduction to Animation and Adobe Flash
  • Creating Animations & Managing Frames
  • Creating Flash banners, buttons and icons
  • Including sounds and videos in animations
  • Creating web pages using HTML and XHTML
  • Controlling page styles and layout with CSS
  • Adding graphics and multimedia in web pages
  • Using Dreamweaver for rapid web development


Course Project
Participants of the course have to develop a design theme according to given requirements of a company. Participants will also create logo, stationary, broacher, posters, newspaper advertisement, billboard and website of the company according to design theme.

ESOL Certified Graphics & Web Designer

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