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ESOL works in emerging technologies by developing Internet based applications, e-commerce applications and act as a hardware & networking solution (s) provider by facilitating integration with the legacy systems. ESOL has grown from its core educational & allied business systems integration supported by hardware & network engineering to offer solutions in areas ranging from customized application development to turnkey e-commerce solutions with back end database integration, CRM, ERP, LMS Solutions, WAP applications and website hosting services.

ESOL is on expansion to meet its global business demand that is ESOL is now expanding its operations in all major cities of Pakistan so that we could serve the honorable clients in a better way. ESOL is trying their level best to provide high end technology based services focusing on futuristic communication technologies dedicated to providing communication and connectivity solutions to both government and private enterprises.


Mr. Sultan A.Q. Khan

Mr. Sultan A.Q Khan has an established career as the visionary educationist in the field of management sciences. He has completed his Masters in Marketing from Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde-UK, which is among the oldest universities of UK established around 300 years ago. He is the chairman and founder member of College of Business Administration (CBA). Since the college inception (1992) more than 32,000 students have benefited from CBA Under his vigilant supervision.

He has completed number of research projects for industrial sectors especially for leather industry and for Barclays Bank International. As an educationist he has delivered 3000 lectures on different topics of business management to Bachelors and Master Degree level students. He has supervised more than 1150 research projects of academic nature in relation to industry and business related matters. He has provided academic consultancy to the Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan under an agreement which has been in operation since 1997 and valid till 2007. More than 600 students of I.E.R department, Punjab university Lahore, have benefited from his expertise. He has developed Academic Business Programs for Bachelors, Master and Doctorate level courses. As an educationist he has held positions as

Chairman The International College Network, Lahore Pakistan.
More than 7000 students graduated in Arts, Commerce, Medical, Non Medical Science and Information Technology.

Chairman The International College for Women, Lahore Pakistan
1st ever women college in the private sector. More than 400 students graduated in Arts, Commerce and Information Technology.

Chairman CBA Network of College, Lahore Pakistan
More than 25000 students graduated in Business and information Technology at Bachelor and Master level programs.

President Think Tank Pakistan

    • Developed one hundred year vision for Pakistan that includes education, health, defense, exports, space sciences and mechanism to get rid of domestic and international and debt of Pakistan.
    • All the sector of economy and restructuring systems development and implementation procedures. It has anything and everything to install the national and international issues. Moreover, have delivered above 4000 lectures on Business and Allied courses. Have supervised more than 900 projects related to Business, Commerce and Industry. The other achievements include the contribution towards education to exceed 150000 students, so far and continue to grow.
  • More than 3000 students have settled down in Canada, America, UK and Denmark who are sending Millions of Dollars to Pakistan

He is the one, who has studied the education process and prepare others to become teachers – by teaching management College faculty about the Management Science Education. His career shows that he has made four vital contributions to management education – defining the educationist role, serving as a teaching/mentor/network builder/friend to management science educators, curriculum change agent and innovator at I.E.R, Punjab University.

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