1. 200 Scholarship in Web Development

    In the Following Technologies

    Web Development Courses
    1. PHP &My SQL (HTML 5 ,CSS3,Jquery)
    2. ASP.NET (HTML 5 ,CSS3,Jquery)
    3. Complete CMS Development (WordPress ,Open Cart ,Magento, Drupal,Joomla)
    4. WordPress Development
    5. Open Cart Development
    6. Magento Development
    7. Drupal Development
    8. Joomla Development

    Admission Calendar:

    1. Month
    2. From: Monday to Friday
    3. Weekend: Saturday and Sunday
    4. Time: Morning, afternoon, evening
    5. Duration: 3 months
    6. Fee: Rs. 15000/- (also payable in installments)
    7. Certification: on completion
    8. Placement: terms and conditions apply. Please visit the relevant placement officer


    1. 3 months
    2. 4 days a week


    Certificate will be awarded to successful candidates after the completion of course.
    Our Strength of the Course:
    No need of internship. State of the art training


    1. Shape the future through innovation
    2. Be a professional web developer in Php
    3. Project base training in software house by currently leading web industry professionals


    1. Earn Rs. 25,000 Per Month Rs. 2,300,000 Per Month through our suggested means while doing job or sitting in home as free lancer.


    1. Working opportunity from home
    2. fter training job opportunity in software houses
    3. Special training session for BS(CS), MCS students

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  2. Board Of Governor
  3. Board of Management
  4. Officers Of Administration

    Officers of the Administration
    1. President sultan aq khan
    2. Vice president academic affairs shahbaz qadir khan
    3. Vice president student affairs shabana khanum
    4. Vice president operations nasreen sultan
    5. Director academic anwar mehmood khan
    6. Academic consultant saqlain kiani
    7. Director external & legal affairs Muhammad ajmal khan
    8. Legal advisor raja zahoor hussain
    9. Legal advisor shouket hayat gondal
    10. Director evaluation bilal ahmed khan
    11. Registrar zafar iqbal mughal
    12. Assistant registrar Muhammad ali khan
    13. Assistant to registrar mujtaba gondal
    14. Manager admission ishtiaq saqi
    15. Information officer waseem tahir khan
    16. Campus administrator Muhammad afzal
    17. Protocol officer Muhammad manzar khan
    18. Computer manager akbar hayat
    19. System engineer sadaf khan
    20. IT Manager Muhammad Imran
    21. IT coordinator Muhammad Umer
    22. Assistant to Director Academic Atif saleem
    23. financial consultant Jahangir baig
    24. accountant riaz tahir
    25. accountant assistant tauseef khan
    26. animation and graphic designer adeel anwar
    27. executive secretary G.M. Pervaiz Khan
    28. librarian (morning) Ch. Muhammad Saleem
    29. external affairs coordinator imtiaz Ud Din Ghouri
    30. assistant to Chairman Muhammad Afzal basher
    31. wood work supervisor Muhammad Ishfaq
    32. imam Masjid Hafiz Muhammad Mohsin

  5. Faculty of Instruction

    Faculty of Instruction

    The faculty of the college includes highly qualified and trained full-time and visiting instructors in Business, Finance, Management, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Computer Sciences and Engineering. The core faculty consists of experienced Business and computer professional having PhD and MS degree from reputed foreign and local universities. To keep pace with latest research and development, the college will continuously be looking for highly qualified people who have a strong interest in teaching and research.

    Sultan A.Q. Khan Shahbaz Qadir Khan Muhammad Asif Shahzad Moeen
    M.com (Marketing) M.Sc (Hons) M.A Economics MBE
    Strathclyde University MBA

    Abdul Qayyum Hamid Raza Muhammad Azam Khan Rana Waheed
    B.Sc, PGD (C.S) MBA (USA) M.A. (Eng) MBE
    M.Sc MPA

    Abdul Razaq Imran Ur Rehman Muhammad Idrees Waseem Afzal
    B.Sc Engg., MBA MBA, MCS MBA, MPA M.A (Eng) MBA (Exe)

    Afzal Ch Khalid Aftab Muhammad Jamil Zahid Saleem

    Amir Zaman Chisti Khalid Sultan Miss. Munazza Butt Zulqarnain
    MCS, OCP-I MBA LLB M.A (Economics)
    Aamir Mehmood Khawar Abbas Qaiser Abbas Gondal Qasim Nadeem

    Amjad Pervaiz Khurram Saleem Qazi Abdul Subhan Mrs. Parveen Ashraf
    M.A Economics LLB, MBA M.Phil MBA

    Mrs. Anita Ali Khushnud Javed Rauf Alam Ashfaq Amjad
    MBA MBA BSc. (Engineering) MCS

    Anwar Hussain Khyzer Yasin Razza Ehsan Rana Iftikhar
    MBA, MBE M.A (PU) M.Com, MBA M.Sc, Math

    Asif Majeed Muhammad Asim Ijaz Razzaq Khan Hashim Arif
    M.Sc (Physics) M.Com MCS M.Sc Physics

    Mrs. Ayesha Ijaz Muhammad S.M. Moazzam Faisal Nazir
    MBA Owais Khan M.Com, MBA MCS

  6. Admission Calender
  7. Our Courses
  8. Fee Structure
  9. Online Apply
  10. Employment Opportunity

our collaborative project

our collaborative project

our collaborative project
  1. Application Software

    Application Software Suites
    Business Software
    Code Navigation Tools
    Communication Software
    Computer Aided manufacturing Software
    Computer Programming Tool
    Computer Programming Tools
    Data Management Software
    Data Modeling Tools
    Digital Typography
    Educational Software
    Government Software
    Graphical User Interface
    Graphics Software
    Java Development Tools
    Java Script Programming Tools
    Language Software
    Legal Software
    Library and Information Science Software
    Multimedia Software
    Multimedia Softwares
    Music Software
    Personal Information Managers
    Religious Software
    Science Software
    Science Softwares
    Simulation Software
    Spreadsheet Software
    Stagecraft Software
    Text Editor
    Transport Software
    Video Games
    Video Software
    Video Softwares
    Web Development Software
    Word Processors
    Workflow Software

  2. Introduction to Softwere

    Software has become a strategic societal resource in the last few decades.
    The emergence of Free Software, which has entered in major sectors of the ICT market…. Read More.

  3. Software History

    Software has a long history and as far as the facts are known to us we will give them to you.
    When missing stories, data, or other information are shared to us they will be put on this site…Read More.

  4. Software Development Process

    Software Development Process is a splitting of software development work into distinct phases (or stages) containing activities with the intent of better planning and….Read More.

  5. Information Technology

    Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise….Read More.

  6. Web Development Languages

    The aim of this list of programming languages is to include all notable programming languages in existence, both those in current use and historical ones, in alphabetical order, except for dialects of BASIC and esoteric programming languages….Read More.

  7. Career in Information Technology

    Information Technology covers a broad spectrum of hardware and software solutions that enable organizations to gather, organize, and analyze data that helps them to achieve….Read More.

  8. Internet Application

    Apache Flex formerly Adobe Flex
    Ample SDK
    Appcelerator Titanium
    Bhalu Library
    DHTMLX…Read More.

  9. Communications satellite

    A communications satellite is an artificial satellite that relays and amplifies through the use of a transponder, radio telecommunications signals, between a source and a receiver. Communications satellites are used for television, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications….Read More.

  10. ESOL Catalog

    1. Overview of Microsoft .NET Platform
    2. Fundamentals of VB .NET / C# Language
    3. Object Oriented Class Libraries Development
    4. Generics , Exceptions, Events and Delegates
    5. Lambda expression, Collections & LINQ
    6. Developing Web Applications using Visual Studio 2013
    7. Create web pages and HTML Forms using HTML5 & CSS3
    8. Styling Text, Block Elements etc. using CSS3 Selectors
    9. Enhancing Graphical Effects by Using CSS3
    10. Essentials of JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI / Kendo UI & JSON….
    Read More.

  11. International software house

    ESOL is the best for the holding of these qualifications: 1) ICs 2) FSc 3)F.A 4)DBA 5)CAT 6)BBA 7)BSIT 8)BSCS 9)MCS 10)MIT 11)PHD in software Engineering 11) PHD in Informatino Technology and CISSCO related Courses.

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